A guide to downtown Street Art

Ranging from entire building faces in plain view of busy intersections to hidden installations in off-the-beaten-path alleyways, the street art scene is thriving in Salt Lake. Champions such as the Utah Arts Alliance, business owners and entrepreneurs work with internationally renowned artists or unknown, and sometimes anonymous, local artists to celebrate diversity, history and more for the public to enjoy.

SLC Pepper (250 S. 400 W.)

Arguably Salt Lake’s most famous street mural, is an adaptation of the iconic Sgt. Peppers Beatles album cover. Did you know the Salt Lake version was also done by the original artist, Jann Haworth ?


Here are a dozen of our favorites. While some of these are permanent fixtures in the community, others are impermanent. We recommend checking each of them out several times a year to see if and what may have changed. Once they are gone, they are gone, though you can follow us on instagram with the hashtag #streetarttuesday for weekly blasts of color.

Photos: http://iconosquare.com/tag/streetarttuesday

Gallenson’s Gun-shop Elk Mural (166 E. 200 S.)

FICE Gallery – (Alleyway between Este Pizza and FICE, 160 E. 200 S.)

Edison St (150 East between State St. and 200 E.)

Utah Arts Alliance on 100 S by freeway (663 W. 100 S.)

Yardstick building (52 E. 300 S.)

Books behind E-born Books (254 S. Main St.)

Walker Center (Alleyway behind 175 S. Main St.)

Heavy Metal Shop/Korner Deli & Market (63 E. Exchange Pl.)

300 south just east of West Temp

“Ave Maria,” aka the Madonna Mural (Alleyway between Este Pizza and FICE, 160 E. 200 S.)

Car wash by third and third East (307 E. 300 S.)