Illuminate Salt Lake 2018

The Utah Arts Alliance presents the second annual ILLUMINATE Light Art and Technology Festival, November 9 & 10 in downtown Salt Lake City. This free event invites the community to explore and see Salt Lake in a new light through art and technology. More than 50 individual artists and performers will work with technology, using light as their medium and the city as their canvas, to bring unique experiences to the streets. 

The Utah Arts Alliance describes ILLUMINATE as a two-day event and a celebration of innovation and imagination that features installations from local and national artists, live music and performances, kids programming and short film fest, interactive light art demonstrations, virtual reality displays, food trucks, local brews & spirits and more!

On Saturday night as the festival winds down, there will be a special ticketed event called the AFTER GLO PARTY (21+). The AFTER GLO PARTY will feature DJs and performers as well as projection-mapped displays, light art installations and more.

VR comes to THE BLOCKS

The entire ILLUMINATE Light Art and Technology festival has been gamified! Festival-goers are encouraged to download the free ILLUMINATE AR app to “play” ILLUMINATE and uncover many layers and levels of art available at the festival. If participants “win” ILLUMINATE by discovering all 23 elements of the event they may return to festival HQ at the Urban Arts Gallery to claim their prize, a 3D printed Illumino trophy (Illumino is the robot mascot of the ILLUMINATE Festival).

The Urban Arts Alliance will launch the new ILLUMINATE AR 2.0 app the day of the event, November 9. The new app will showcase cutting-edge augmented reality and virtual reality technology including:

  • 5 geolocated landmark/hubs that will help users navigate to the most important areas of the festival.
  • 3 portals placed around the event that when entered will allow the user to travel (virtually) to Mars, take an underwater adventure and be transported to a futuristic art gallery.
  • 12 Markers placed around the festival that when located will allow users to view videos, custom animated Gifs, #D works and view the work of some of SLC’s top Street Artists (aka Digital Graffiti).
  • 3 Illumino markers will be hidden around the festival as well.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on the user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. Think of adding a layer to your normal sight, making you see things that aren’t really there and opening up possibilities in the way artists can display their work.

Festival Hours
Friday, 11/9 & Saturday 11/10 from 5 – 10 PM
AFTER GLO PARTY: Saturday, 11/11  10 PM – 3 AM

The Gateway, Eccles Theater, Regent Street and MCarthey Plaza

Tickets and more information
ILLUMINATE Salt Lake website
After Party Tickets
Last Year’s Festival