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The Trial of Ayn Rand

The Trial of Ayn Rand

Presented by Wasatch Theatre Company at SLC Theatre Co-Op

THE TRIAL OF AYN RAND comes to Wasatch Theatre Company as part of its Storefront Theatre Series

Salt Lake City, Utah – Wasatch Theatre Company starts its Storefront Theatre Series with The Trial of Ayn Rand by William Missouri Downs March 1-9 at the SLC Theatre Co-Op at The Gateway.

The Trial of Ayn Rand is an exploration of the woman who has become the face and symbol of capitalism.  She is a controversial figure, and her life has been a source of conversation for decades.  Think you know her?  Maybe you don't know her as well as you think.

Come see a play that looks at the life and legacy of Ayn Rand and get a chance to learn more and decide if she is in fact guilty as charged:

“Charge #1: You thoughts on laissez-faire capitalism contributed to our current situation.  Including our problems with homelessness, poverty, even our poor health.

Charge #2: That you had many interesting philosophies but that your thoughts on selfishness have been taken too far and have led to Social Darwinism.

Charge #3: That you failed to practice in your own personal life the philosophies you preach.”

Ayn will be on hand to defend herself, of course.  The audience will be the jury and decide the ending.

Wasatch Theatre Company owns and runs the SLC Theatre Co-Op.  WTC opened the co-op in January 2023 as a way to network and support theatres through the Salt Lake valley and beyond.  Theatre co-ops have been more commonly used throughout the country post-pandemic as a way to sustain theatre companies who may be struggling in the wake of financial challenges since national shutdowns.

The Storefront Theatre Series is in homage to the concept of storefront theatre that has ebbed and flowed throughout the country.  There have been storefront theatres as a fabric of the Chicago theatre scene for quite some time, although some of them have struggled since the pandemic.  The concept behind Storefront Theatre is that theatre doesn’t need formal venues to be meaningful and impactful.  Storefront Theatre has the potential to impact participants and audiences on a different, more personal and intimate level.

The Trial of Ayn Rand features the talents of Nan Weber and William Davies.  It is directed by Jim Martin.

Tickets are available at the Wasatch Theatre Company website.

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Wasatch Theatre Company is a non-profit theater company that produces a variety of plays and musicals each year. The company’s mission is to produce timely, relevant, and entertaining theatre by supporting diverse artists and providing opportunities for unique voices to stimulate conversation, increase empathy, and empower positive social change.

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SLC Theatre Co-Op
167 South Rio Grande
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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