We have partnered with NowPlayingUtah.com

Our event database is powered by NowPlayingUtah.com, a digital event platform that will allow you to manage individual artist profiles, organization and/or business profile, post and edit events, update favorite listings, and more.

Here’s How it Works

If this is your first time submitting an event to The Blocks through the NowPlayingUtah.com platform, you may need to follow these steps:

  1. If you do not have an account with NowPlayingUtah, please register now. It’s FREE and everyone must have an account to submit events.
  2. To sign in, enter your username and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, click “Forgot your password?” to reset your password. Forgot your username? Please email npusupport@nowplayingutah.com.

If this is your first time submitting an event, you will need to create an organization or business profile, or if you are an artist, you will need to create an artist profile. You can do all of that using the links inside the NowPlayingUtah.com account center.


  • Location: Events must take place in Utah. To be displayed on THE BLOCKS, the event must take place within downtown Salt Lake City.
  • Lead Time: We recommend that all event listings be submitted online a minimum of two weeks in advance of the start date to maximize audience exposure. Once submitted, your event listing will be reviewed and posted within two business days.
  • Public Events: Only events open to the public will be accepted. No private or invitation-only events will be accepted.
  • Events Images: we must have a professional-quality promotional image to display with your listing. A single image may be uploaded along with your event listing. Images must be in .JPG, .JPEG or .PNG format ONLY and no larger than 2.93 megabytes with a required minimum size of 1200 x 1200 pixels to display.