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Gileadi Dance Co

Miriam Gileadi, director of Gileadi Dance Co., connects the dots between her dance and music explorations.   Tell us about yourself and Gileadi Dance. What should our readers know about you? My name is Miriam Gileadi. I am the owner/director of Gileadi Dance Co. I’ve been singing and dancing professionally for 10 years in a […]

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Ashley Anderson, founder of loveDANCEmore, shares insight into her process and her vision for SLC.   – loveDANCEmore is a unique name – tell us what it means? My nonprofit  is incorporated as Ashley Anderson Dances so that regardless of what community programs I organize, I can still share my own choreography. However, the organization […]

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Charlotte Boye-Christensen and Nathan Webster of NOW-ID share their passion for the present. How long have you been performing? NOW-ID’s inaugural performance, The Wedding, took place at Salt Lake City’s Masonic Temple in 2013, so it is getting close to five years. How many in your company? I am the Artistic Director and choreographer; Nathan […]

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